The People Jesus Despised

Pharisees. Today, we are dealing with the spirit of Pharisee that Jesus contended with during his earthly ministry. This spirit is dangerous, because it violently opposes the work of the Lord.

Stop Making Beyoncé Your Golden Calf!

A response to the COGIC Bishop Patrick Wooden “Church Girl” controversy. What’s the big deal? Beyoncé sampled a gospel song by Twinkie Clark who he called a ‘real church lady’. He attacked Beyoncé and stated she sold her soul to the devil. God is not pleased.

8 Signs of a Religious Spirit

What are religious spirits? How can you tell if you are under the influence of these spirits? Listen and learn how they manifest in people, church and your personality, as well as how to get released from the bondage of religion.

Prayer Against Religious Spirits

If you have ever attended an American Christian church—of any denomination—then you are contending with religious spirits. They love to go to church and restrict the love of God and moves of the Holy Spirit from flowing. Your traditions and beliefs can be keeping you from full fellowship with the Lord.