before you start dating christian book

Before You Start Dating Again: Wit and Wisdom for Modern Christian Women

Since you honestly cannot remember your last date, you decide to get back on the scene in hopes of meeting a really nice guy. This time, however, you determine to prepare yourself for the topsy-turvy 21st century dating world with practical advice for Christian singles.

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Black Girl Dating Rules: Survive & Thrive Christian book

Black Girl Dating Rules: Survive & Thrive

Dating can be fun and exciting, especially when it leads to new romance. However, with social media and phone apps, dating can be a little dangerous.

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Girl Please...Know When to Let That Man Go bookGirl Please…Know When to Let That Man Go

Through pop-culture references and personal experiences, laced with good-natured sarcasm, women learn that letting go of unsuitable men is not about abandoning their desires for love or intimacy, but about protecting their bodies, minds and spirits while honing their abilities to choose mates more wisely.

Prayers & Confessions for Modern Christian Women

“Prayers & Confessions for Modern Christian Women” combines Bible scriptures, affirmations, and words of praise to increase the faith of the weary. Words have power.


Prayers and Confessions for Everyday Victory bookPrayers and Confessions for Everyday Victory

Speak Faith in Difficult Situations. Have you ever been so wounded, so confused, so pressured by life’s difficulties that you literally were left speechless? As Christians, we are taught to pray, but what if you do not even know what to say?

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Some Bitter, Some Sweet: Becoming a Single Woman God Can Use bookSome Bitter, Some Sweet: Becoming a Single Woman God Can Use

You are not in a relationship. You have stopped all forms of dating for a while. You are truly single. You are celibate and desire to grow closer to God. Now what?

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Prayers & Confessions for Teens and Young Adults bookPrayers & Confessions for Teens and Young Adults

“Prayers and Confessions for Teens & Young Adults combines Bible scriptures, affirmations and words of praise to guide your thoughts and boost your faith.


still single over 40 bookStill Single Over 40: Reclaim Your Love Life

Your 40th birthday has long passed and you are still single. What happened? Life happened. Disappointments. Loss. Setbacks. Dashed expectations. Grief. Unrequited love. Success. Financial issues. You cannot identify the moment, but it seems your carriage turned into a pumpkin.

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Girl, Get Your Soul Straight

Spiritual Clarity on Dating and Relationships. The bible study Girl, Get Your Soul Straight discusses real-life issues single women face while making the decision to leave a relationship for a higher spiritual purpose.

Power Prayers: Faith for Difficult Times & Situations

As Christians, we are told to pray, but what if we do not know how to start? Every prayer is followed by a list of scripture references to study and apply to daily circumstances, such as: anxiety, finances, grief, health and healing, past regrets, favor, and provision.

living single bible readings bookMCW Living Single: Bible Readings for Modern Christian Women

Do you want to read the Bible, but don’t know where to start? Are you looking for fresh Bible study materials that specifically address real-world issues of most concern to single women? In 21 unique messages readers are invited to take an unfiltered look at their lives, and release everything that compromises their spiritual growth.

Everybody has a story. Everyone wants to be remembered. Through autobiographical poems and essays, “Soul Thoughts” muses on a variety of topics that touch the core of all humanity: fond childhood memories, social issues, religion, spirituality, love, dating and relationships.