Fighting the Clock

They are strong, like a tree planted by a river. The tree produces fruit in season, and its leaves don’t die. Everything they do will succeed.

— Psalm 1:3, (NCV)

Despite the decayed morals and high divorce rates in this country, there is still the expectation of women to marry before thirty, although new trends show that people are marrying later in life, well after they have become established in their careers. This might be true, but modern women still struggle against the “old maid,” woman-on-the-corner-with-ten-cats-in-her-yard stereotype that was indoctrinated in the psyche of Americans many years ago. For example, it was once reported that a woman over thirty had a better chance of being kidnapped by a terrorist than to marry.

Because the secular media has painted such a dismal picture of relationships, many women feel they might never find a mate. Even Christian women have bought into this mentality. As a result, they have begun to doubt that God will indeed supply all of their emotional and sexual needs. The root of all this man-hunting behavior and negative thinking is fear – the fear that God, the creator of the universe, will not consider this need for companionship important enough to provide the best mate possible for those who truly desire a partner.

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Ashan R. Hampton is the author of several Christian inspirational books: “Prayers & Confessions for Modern Christian Women” (2020), “Still Single Over 40: Reclaim Your Love Life” (2019), “Prayers & Confessions for Teens and Young Adults” (2018), “MCW Living Single Bible Readings” (2017), “Prayers & Confessions for Everyday Victory” (2017), “Before You Start Dating Again” (2016), “Some Bitter, Some Sweet: Becoming a Single Woman God Can Use” (2016), “Soul Thoughts: Poems & Essays” (2015), “Girl Please…Know When to Let That Man Go” (2015). Visit our website for ordering information at


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